Gauguin was born in Paris in 1848. It is widely known that he lived with Van Gogh for nine weeks at the Yellow House beginning in 1888.

However, little has been said about his life after his break with Van Gogh. How did Gauguin spend his time after his breakup with Van Gogh?

Living with Van Gogh

Gauguin lived together in Arles in the south of France at Van Gogh's invitation. It is said that Van Gogh created his masterpiece Sunflowers while living with Gauguin.

Gauguin also painted a portrait of Van Gogh when he was painting Sunflowers. Their relationship was very good, and it is clear that they respected each other as painters.

However, their views on art did not match each other at all, and their relationship gradually deteriorated, and their quarrels became more and more violent day by day.

Soon after, Gauguin left Van Gogh. They never saw each other again.

Gauguin Painted His Work with Van Gogh in Mind?

While it is widely known what Van Gogh's life as a painter was like after the ear cutting incident, not much has been said about Gauguin.

Gauguin went to Tahiti immediately after the incident. There, he created many works featuring the inhabitants and landscape of Tahiti.

Gauguin is said to have created many masterpieces in Tahiti. At this time, Van Gogh's works, which had not sold at all during his lifetime, attracted a lot of attention. In 1893, Van Gogh's and Gauguin's works were displayed in the same exhibition. It is said that this exhibition was a great success and that Van Gogh's name spread rapidly.

He returned to France once more, but the criticism of Gauguin by the Parisian art world made him lose his position, and he had to return to Tahiti. In his second time in Tahiti, he not only painted but also sculpted. However, life in Tahiti for the second time was not smooth.

He was in debt because he had tried to build a house that was not suitable for his size, and a sudden illness drove him both mentally and physically into a tailspin. In the midst of these disappointments, he also painted his acknowledged masterpiece, Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?

Later, feeling uncomfortable in Tahiti, which was becoming increasingly Westernized, Gauguin headed for the Marquesas Islands.

He created many works here as well. Among them, Gauguin produced four Sunflowers. Gauguin loved Van Gogh's Sunflowers.

Although they had a falling out, Gauguin could not forget Van Gogh and painted Sunflowers, one of Van Gogh's masterpieces, as a motif while thinking about him.

The following is Sunflowers as painted by Gauguin. It is said that he brought sunflower seeds from France in order to paint this work.

However, his health gradually deteriorated, and he suffered from numbness in his legs and general weakness. His eyesight also deteriorated, and in his last self-portrait, Gauguin wears glasses.

Gauguin died at the age of 55, two years after painting Sunflowers.

Van Gogh and Gauguin were thought to have been completely unrelated after their separation, but it seems that they continued to be connected through their works. Many of their works would not have been created in this world if they had not met.

Contemporary Artworks of Flora

Like Gauguin's and Van Gogh's Sunflowers, there are many artists today who use flowers as a motif.

Enjoy the beautiful and unique expression of flora paintings by Japanese contemporary artists as well.