What do you imagine when you hear the term "contemporary art"? Many of the works introduced in the media as contemporary art are difficult to understand at first glance.

What is Contemporary Art?

Broadly defined, contemporary art (modern art) is artwork that reflects contemporary social conditions and issues and evokes a sense of criticism toward art history and society.

It is said that the work "Fountain," presented at an exhibition in New York in 1917, is what popularized contemporary art worldwide. This work was just a toilet bowl with the name of an imaginary artist on it. The work itself was not recognized as art at the time and was never presented at the exhibition. However, the questioning of classical beauty posed by this work spread to many artists, and contemporary artworks that were not bound by conventional notions of beauty began to be produced.

However, the concept of contemporary art is not necessarily shared by everyone. The thoughts and messages conveyed in contemporary art are completely different from person to person. Therefore, in order to deeply understand contemporary art, it's necessary to understand the background in which the work was created and to decipher the thoughts that the artist put into the work.

How to Choose Contemporary Art

One way to enjoy contemporary art is to purchase it real. However, when it comes to buy artworks, you may often wonder how to choose one.

The easiest way to buy is to look directly at a variety of artworks and intuitively choose the ones you think are the best. While it is of course enjoyable to appreciate contemporary art in depth, it is also important to choose art by feel or based on a quick impression.

What's important for contemporary art is whether it has value for you or not. If the artwork resonates with your own intuition, you will discover something new or see a new aspect of it no matter how many times you see it.

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